Sneak Peek Inside of Joliet The Snoop: The Grade Changer Part 1


The telephone rang, and Vanessa answered it. “Hello? Um-hum. Okay, we’ll call you back in a few minutes.” Vanessa hung the telephone up and looked at us. “That was Mr. Dinkins, and he wanted to know if he could hire us to investigate a hacking going on at the school.”

“A hacking?” I said. Mr. Dinkins is our principal and the fact that he wanted to hire us to try to solve this was mind-blowing.

“I wonder why he didn’t get the authorities involved,” Mya Lanier, my cousin, said.

“He did,” Vanessa answered. “But they can’t figure out who is doing it. He figured we might have a better chance since we could investigate and not raise any suspicion at the same time.”

“Yeah, I guess that makes sense,” Mya said. “If they saw the police, they might clam up.”

“I’m still confused,” Stephanie Loftis said.

“I am too,” Suzy Booth chimed in.

Stephanie Loftis moved here about two years ago from Baltimore, Maryland, after her parents divorced. Her mom got custody of her and her two older twin sisters. She has shoulder-length, black hair and blue eyes.

“Confused about what?” Vanessa asked.

“I understand that he wants us to investigate, but why does he think that we’ll blend in?” Stephanie asked.

“Because he thinks that the hacker is a kid named the Grade Changer,” Vanessa answered. 

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Sneak Peek Inside of Joliet The Snoop: Follow The Clues


Around two o'clock, my friends and I met at the park. We stood around looking and waiting for anyone, but the only people we saw were a family having a picnic.

“This is great,” Juliet said, leaning her bike against a tree. “We're being stood up by someone we don't even know.”


We turned around and saw a note lying on a bench. As we walked over there, we wondered what that noise was.

“Maybe it was the person trying to get our attention,” Vanessa said.

I picked up the note and read it aloud. "If you get all the clues right, you will get a prize. If you give up (and we will be watching you), you will not receive the award. Clue number one. Spanish name, restaurant, hottest place to be after school, pizza. Go to wherever if told."

We looked at each other.

“Someone wants us to solve this?” Louise asked.

“Yeah,” I said. “And we already know what the answer is.”

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Sneak Peek Inside of Joliet The Snoop: Friend or Foe

        When we got to Samantha's house, she led us up to her bedroom. She walked over to her top dresser drawer and pulled out six envelopes. She then walked over to her bed and laid them out.

“Okay. Tell us everything from the beginning,” Louise said.

“Okay,” Samantha replied, taking a deep breath. “It all started when I asked Mike Phillips if he'd like to go to the movies or something. He said no. He was already going with someone else. So, when I got home that day, I found...” Samantha went through the pile of envelopes until she found the one marked number one. “...this. I did not think anything of it until I received another one and then another one after that. That's when I decided to call your club since you are in the detective business, and I want this maniac to stop harassing me.”

We all nodded.

I looked at the notes. “They're all words cut out from a magazine.”

“People still do that?” Pebbles asked.

“Which magazine do you think they're from?” Louise asked.

After looking at the notes for a while, Vanessa made a startling discovery. “It's from Seventeen magazine,” she said.

“How do you know?” Suzy asked.

“I read the magazine, and in last month's issue they had this article about this up-and-coming model, and there was a line in it that read, 'She's dated poor, she's dated some with money, but this girl is no dummy.' And right here it reads 'She's got none, she's dated none because she's too ugly to get one.'”

Samantha looked like she was going to cry. Juliet wrapped her arm around her shoulder.

“Whoever wrote this wants Mike Philips for herself,” I said.

“Well, I still think this cutout is from Seventeen magazine and that we should spend all next week watching any girls who might have the magazine in their lockers,” Vanessa said. “So that means we have to buy the magazine and read it front to back.”

“Okay,” we all agreed. 

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Sneak Peek Inside of Joliet The Snoop: Partners In Crime


         “Honestly, I think we should be asleep, not chasing some kid around town,” she said as we followed her up the stairs.

“I agree,” Juliet answered.

Louise and Mya was already in Pebbles' room, peeking out of the window.

“I wish this kid would open the curtains,” Mya said.

“Good morning, everyone,” I said.

“Morning,” they answered.

“He'll open the curtains,” Pebbles said. “And when he does, I don't want him seeing five girls staring at him.”

By seven-ten, we all had arrived. Louise and Mya were still peeking out of the window. Vanessa was showing Suzy and Stephanie the dance moves that she had learned the day before. Juliet was lying in Pebbles' bed, and Pebbles and I were sitting on the floor playing UNO.

“Duck!” Louise shouted.

We all hit the floor, even Juliet, who had been lying on the bed.

“What happened?” Stephanie asked, pulling her hair out of her face.

Louise turned towards us and whispered. “He finally opened his curtains.”

“It's about time,” someone said.

          “Okay, here's what I want us to do,” I said.           

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Sneak Peek Inside of Joliet The Snoop

 Sneak peek of Joliet The Snoop

“Let's put the boxes over there.” I led the way over to the dark corner I saw earlier. We both sat our boxes down.


“What was that?” I asked my guard, rising again.

“Joliet, it's the floor. It's ancient,” Pebbles answered. “Come on, let's go back downstairs.”

I followed Pebbles to the other side of the room with my hand running against the wall. Just then, my hand came across a piece of paper.

“Pebbles!” I called.


I took the paper out of a little drawer on the wall. I walked over to Pebbles and ushered her to follow me downstairs. When we got into the light, we looked at the paper. It was a.....

“Treasure map,” we both said at the same time.

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