Sneak Peek Inside of Joliet The Snoop: The Grade Changer Part 2


My friends and I gathered in my bedroom for our meeting of the Detective Service.

“So,” Vanessa said, grabbing a piece of paper and a pen. “We need to figure out how we’re going to solve this case and not get killed in the process.”

“Wow. Really,” I said sarcastically. But on the inside, I was thinking the same thing.

“We need to spy on him at all times,” Pebbles spoke up. “While in school and after school.”

“We need to learn his schedule,” Stephanie said, looking at Suzy. “What class of yours is he in?”

“Third period,” Suzy answered.

“We also need to befriend him,” Juliet said. “That’ll throw him off guard.”

“So, I thought that Joliet should continue to make him believe that she likes him,” Vanessa said. 

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