In the Dog House with Threatening Letters

The members of The Detective Service is working on their project for woodshop class.  

When they are hired by Samantha, to find out who is sending her threatening letters.  
She has just hired the best detectives in town! 

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And I Made a Vow Not to Take No Shit This School Year

Josie had decided that she is not going to put up with the same crap
this school year that she had to deal with last school year.

She is not going to allow her nemesis, Teresa, to continue to spread rumors
and innuendos and get away with it.

Her ex-boyfriend, John, and his friends got another thing coming if they think
a whisper campaign is going to stop her from dating the new boy in school
(or the other boys in the neighborhood).

Charles and his sister, Tamala, are going to have to spend the entire year
chasing Josie if they plan on beating her up.

Read on as Josie shares her day-to-day life with Ramone, Denise, Xavier,
Mia, Richard, Felicity, Kevin, and the rest of the gang and all of the hilarious
antics in Study Hall.

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Divided We Fall

The girls of The Detective Service are divided. 

With all the racial issues going on in America, they now have a case that is racial in nature. 

Some of the girls want to focus on the facts of the case, but others believe that everything is all connected to race.

Can the ladies just focus on the facts of the case and solve it together or will they be forever divided?

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Joliet The Snoop-Special Delivery

The girls of The Detective Service have been hired by their nemesis Sharine Peters. 

While hosting a slumber party, a package is delivered to her home, and she is required to share its content with the person who signed for the package. 

The problem is all the girls at the slumber party are claiming that they signed for it. 

It is up to the girls of The Detective Service to question them one by one to determine who is telling the truth and who gets to share the contents of the package with Sharine. 

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The Detective Service and Their First Case

Joliet Wright and the rest of her friends have started The Detective Service, to help solve mysteries in their neighborhood. 

When their first case is from a little boy, he doesn’t realize it yet, but he’s just hired the right girls. 

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Joliet The Snoop and the Brown Shoe Bandit

The school principal has been attacked. Who is the attacker? Is it:

The Math Teacher?

The Class President? 

The school bully? 

 Or someone else?

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Joliet and the New Girl in Town

Joliet Wright is helping the new girl in town, Pebbles Mason, unpack. While exploring Pebbles’ attic, they find a map. 

Joliet and the rest of her friends set out to solve this mystery and to find out if X really does mark the spot. 

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The Grade Changer Part 2 (Video)

The girls of The Detective Service think that they have figured out who The Grade Changer is - and his handiwork is so good that they have to put their heads together to figure out how they are going to prove it's him and take him down at the same time.

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