Joliet The Snoop


The Grade Changer Part 2 (Video)

The girls of The Detective Service think that they have figured out who The Grade Changer is - and his handiwork is so good that they have to put their heads together to figure out how they are going to prove it's him and take him down at the same time.

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Pebbles Says....


Community Involvement and Teenagers

In the news, we're seeing teenagers getting involved in their communities and are trying to make things right that they see as wrong. 

Joliet Wright and her friends also get involved in issues that affect them and their community. 

In Just Say No, the drug epidemic has crept unto their school campus. By working together, they catch the drug dealer and create a Public Service Announcement.

And in Divided, they investigate claims of racial discrimination, and though it almost rips them apart, they band together to bring the issue to light. 

So, it's good to see life imitating art, and young people getting involved in the community no matter their political affiliation. 

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Joliet the Snoop (Video)

Joliet and some of her friends have created a video explaining why you should read about them in Joliet The Snoop.

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Joliet The Snoop - Divided (Video)

The girls of The Detective Service are divided. 

With all of the racial issues going on in America, they now have a case that is racial in nature. 

Some of the girls want to focus on the facts of the case, but others believe that everything is all connected to race.

Can the ladies just focus on the facts of the case and solve it together or will they be forever divided?

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Joliet The Snoop - Just Say No (Video)

The city that Joliet and her friends live in is having a drug problem, and that problem is starting to creep onto the campus of Bates High School.

The members of The Detective Service soon discover that the case that they've been hired to solve is also connected to the drug influx.

This could be their most significant case yet!

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Joliet The Snoop: The Grade Changer Part 1 (Video)

The principal at Bates High School has to figure out who is changing the grades for some of the students.
After getting the police involved and them not being able to solve this mystery, the principal only has one last option - to call the girls of The Detective Service.  

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