Sneak Peek Inside of Joliet The Snoop: Special Delivery


 Sharine Peters was hosting a slumber party.

One by one, her friends arrived.

Sharine’s father, Peter Peters, showed the girls to the large family room where they would spend the night. “Sharine and her mother ran out to buy some last-minute items,” he explained, as the girls began making themselves comfortable.

The doorbell rang.

           “I got it,” one of the girls said, walking to the front door.

         She opened the door and saw a delivery man standing in front of her holding a large box.

           “Yes?” she asked.

           “Package delivery for Sharine Peters,” the delivery man answered.

           “I’ll sign for it,” the girl said, reaching for the clipboard in signing her name.

         “Lefty,” he said, smiling. “You're going to be a doctor. Can't read the handwriting for the life of me.”

          The girl smiled. “Thanks.” She carried the package into the living room. “Package for Sharine Peters.”

        One of the other girls in the room walked over, took the box, and shook it hard. Something inside shook.

          “Wonder what it is?” the other girl asked aloud.

           The package signer shook her head. “I don't know.”

         Five minutes later, Sharine Peters arrived home and found a big package waiting for her. She opened it. Inside were two small boxes and a note. She opened the boxes, which each contained two expensive necklaces.

          “Whoa,” one of the girls said.

          “Read the note,” another girl ordered.

      Sharine unfolded the note and read it out loud. “Dear Sharine Peters, one of the necklaces is yours to keep. The other necklace is for the person who signed for the package.”

        Sharine Peters looked up at the girls who were gathered around her. “Okay, who signed for this?” she asked.

Everyone's hand shot up.

         “Are you serious?” Sharine, Peter said. “Now, who signed for it?”   

          Everyone's hand stayed up.

Sharine Peters looks at them. “Only one of you is telling the truth. Each one of you is going to give your version of what happened before I arrived. But I'm not going to be the one who’s going to be asking you.” She pulled her cell phone out of her pants pocket. “I'm calling the Detective Service.” 

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Sneak Peek Inside of Joliet The Snoop: The Brown Shoe Bandit


           We walked into Mr. Dinkins's office and found him just sitting in his chair.
           "Hi, Mr. Dinkins," we said together.

"Hi, girls," he answered.      

"Mr. Dinkins, tell us what happened," Juliet said, pulling a notepad from her backpack to take notes.

"It was around three-thirty, and most everyone was gone," he started. "I know Mr. Nickelson was still here. Mr. Smith, the math teacher, was still here because we talked about a math competition coming up. Probably a janitor. There were a few students here because I saw them decorating the bulletin board in the hallway around the corner for the upcoming Halloween dance. But anyway. I was sitting here when this guy came with a mask on his face and hit me over the head with a wooden stick."

"Mr. Dinkins, you didn't tell me that you were assaulted," Louise said.

Mr. Dinkins hesitated. "I didn't want to worry you over the telephone."

"Was the end sharp?" Mya Lanier, my cousin, asked.

"No, it wasn't," he answered. "If he wanted to kill me, he could have."

I looked over to Juliet, who was busy writing all of this down.

          "How do you know it was a guy?" Stephanie asked.

"Because I know a man's build," he answered. "And he was wearing brown shoes."

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Sneak Peek Inside of Joliet The Snoop: Divided


        My cousin, Mya Lanier, answered the telephone and spoke with the caller for a moment. “Okay,” she said after she hung up the phone. “A young man just called and wanted to hire us to gather proof that a restaurant owner wouldn’t hire him because he was black.”

“Oh, no,” Vanessa Madison said. “With everything that is going on in this country, we do not need any racial situations in this city.”

“Joliet is siding with the police,” Pebbles said flippantly. “She supports the police killing unarmed black men and women.”

I shook my head, no. “That’s not what I said. I said that I would only defend defensible people. Some of those people's hands were not clean.”

“Those people?” Pebbles said under her breath.

“I’m not getting into it with you, Pebbles,” I said, looking directly at her. 

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Sneak Peek Inside of Joliet the Snoop: Just Say No


         Mya and Juliet, both out of breath, came and 
sat down at the cafeteria table. 

“Where's your lunch?” I asked Juliet, biting into my sandwich.

“We just saw a drug deal go down,” Juliet replied.

“What?” Vanessa asked. “Are you serious?”

“Serious as a heart attack,” Juliet answered.

Mya nodded. “I noticed this white guy, who looked way too old to be a student here, hanging around. He was trying to act as he belonged here, but he did not. That is why I noticed him. So, we see a student walk up to him, and they talk for a moment, and then the kid pulls out some money, and the white guy pulls something out of his pocket, and they exchange it.”

“How do you know it was drugs?” Pebbles asked. “It could have been something else.”

“Pebbles,” Mya answered. “We just had an assembly about drugs on campus, and then I see some person who shouldn't even be here selling something to one of the students. I'm going to take a wild guess and say it was drugs.” 

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Sneak Peek Inside of Joliet The Snoop: The Grade Changer Part 2


My friends and I gathered in my bedroom for our meeting of the Detective Service.

“So,” Vanessa said, grabbing a piece of paper and a pen. “We need to figure out how we’re going to solve this case and not get killed in the process.”

“Wow. Really,” I said sarcastically. But on the inside, I was thinking the same thing.

“We need to spy on him at all times,” Pebbles spoke up. “While in school and after school.”

“We need to learn his schedule,” Stephanie said, looking at Suzy. “What class of yours is he in?”

“Third period,” Suzy answered.

“We also need to befriend him,” Juliet said. “That’ll throw him off guard.”

“So, I thought that Joliet should continue to make him believe that she likes him,” Vanessa said. 

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